About Us

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Our Approach

The mission statement of the Richmond Boys Choir is to build a richerhumanity through personal, academic, and musical excellence.

Our programassists members in developing emotional well-being, particularly in regardto their capacity to define personal goals and values; build mutual respectand a sense of community among themselves; acquire an appreciation for and confidence to engage in the world beyond their neighborhood; and accomplish artistic excellence.

Our Story

The Richmond Boys Choir was initially established in 1994 as a
collaborative project of Theatre IV, the Richmond Symphony, and the Boys
& Girls Club of Richmond. The Choir was modeled after the internationally
acclaimed Harlem Boys Choir and was an opportunity to provide young
men in the Richmond city community with music theory education, vocal
training, professional performance opportunities and academic enrichment.

In 1996, the Richmond Boys Choir was formally established as a non-profit
organization and 25 young men became the first group representing
“Richmond’s Ambassadors of Song.”

Meet the Team

Our organization’s program is currently set up with an Artistic Director that
heads our program, an Assistant Artistic Director that assists with running
the program, and a Development Officer that handles all administrative
duties. Other key members involved in our organization are our Board of
Directors, Parent Action Committee, and community volunteers. Joseph
Wimbush is our Assistant Artistic Director and is currently standing in as
our Artistic Director and Shalena Vazquez is our Development Officer.

Shalena Vazquez

Development Officer

handles all administrative and business affairs for the Richmond Boys Choir, to include fund raising, grants, taxes, payroll, and a host of other organizational duties.Ms. Vazquez holds a Master’s of Science degree inSociology and a minor in Child Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Ms. Vazquez has a very diverse educational background to include accounting, bookkeeping, counseling, credit and legal analysis, paralegal and teaching

Joseph Wimbush

Assistant Artistic Director

Mr. Wimbush holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Production Systems. He is a choir director of Second Baptist Church of Western Richmond, is a DJ, and produces an internet radio program. This is Mr. Wimbush’s 6th season with the Richmond Boys Choir and he is also an alumnus of the Richmond Boys Choir.